Hot Tub

General Rules for Hot Tub Rentals:

– Absolutely no glass allowed inside of the hot tub rooms.
– Individuals taking medication should consult a physician before use.
– During the first three stages of pregnancy, high water temperatures can cause fetal damage. Please check with doctor before use.
– For optimum enjoyment, shower before and after hot tub use to remove oils and perfumes from the skin and bromine residue.

– Completely private rooms with full bathroom facilities, changing area, TV, VCR, stereo. Towels are provided.
– The National spa and pool institute considers 103 degrees to be the maximum safe water temperature for adults.
– State of NH recommends a maximum of ten continuous minutes in the hot tub.
– HIV/AIDS and venereal diseases CANNOT be contracted from hot tub use. Each tub is constantly filtered with bromine
(ask staff for details).
– Caribe Tan reserves the right to refuse intoxicated individuals.
– No alcohol is allowed on premises.