Customized Spray Tanning

Before Care Instructions
*Shower and Exfoliate*
Remove any body hair that you would normally remove (legs, underarm area). Pay close attention to elbows, knee’s, ankles, face and any other areas of dry or rough skin. Use a loofah with a mild soap to exfoliate.

What to Wear
Loose fitting dark clothing is best, flip flops are best for footwear.
Leave jewelry at home, wearing it will cause tan lines, or smudge tan while drying.
If you have long hair, pull back in a pony tail and wear a headband to push bangs back.
Avoid wearing clothes that you don’t want stained (solutions wash out of most clothing).

During session
Women can wear a bathing suit, under garments or go nude.
(men must wear under garments or bathing suit.)

After Care Instructions
Wait at least 6 to 8 hours before showering.
Any sort of wetness on your skin can cause imperfections (if it rains, bring an umbrella).
Avoid any contact with water (swimming) or any physical activity that would result in sweating for 6-8 hours.
Moisturize daily (we can recommend an after spray product for you).
Don’t exfoliate when showering, use a mild soap and poof to make your tan last longer.
Pat your skin dry, don’t rub dry.

Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it last?
It depends on the following:
How well you moisturize, what product you use, or if you exfoliate or shave frequently.
Certain moisturizers not designed for after tan care can contain alcohol and mineral oils (those ingredients can actually remove your tan or make it fade quickly).
Moisturize twice a day with a tan extender.

How often can I get an airbrush tan?
You can tan once or every 7-10 for maintenance.

Are there products to avoid?
– AHA products
– Anti aging products
– Bar soap
– BHA products
– Body bleaching or hair bleaching products
– Curel lotion
– Dove products
– Facial masks or scrubs
– Waxing or hair removal

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